TRW BMW Ready MST215

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CARACTERISTICS FIXED DISC With TÜV certificate of conformity See list of applications below the pictures.

It is valid for various BMW models Made of high strength 35 HRC high hardness alloy steel Round design with perforated brake disc NO SCREW KIT REQUIRED.

ADDITIONAL Ultra-hardened surface for extended durability and improved dimensional stability The TRW motorcycle brake disc range offers top quality, attractive design and ever-expanding coverage.

All TRW motorcycle brake discs use a premium steel alloy that maximizes safety and performance.

With the exception of the ´´SP´´ racing brake discs, all are homologated and come with TÜV certificate of conformity.

When it comes to choosing motorcycle brake discs, always opt first for TRW, one of the leading brands in the aftermarket.

TRW motorcycle brake discs provide you with:Exceptional quality and unique designs.

Broad range of brake discs for almost every application.

High quality materials, tightest tolerance production and precision surface grinding.

Perfect balancing, reduced vibration and improved pad seating.

Absolute reliability and superior performance without compromise.

Ultra-hardened surface for extended life and improved dimensional stability.

All brake discs designed for road use are delivered with TÜV certificate of conformity.

Motorcycle brake discs with integrated innovation We design and build our brake discs to be a balanced part of the overall braking dynamics.

Our innovative nature means we are always working to bring you new improvements in disc technology.

Our new brand of brake discs for professional riders ´´SP´´ is a perfect example.

Strength and safety in all TRW brake discs Our motorcycle brake discs are wear resistant and their service life is up to 30% longer than many comparable aftermarket parts, so you can be sure that their performance and robustness will help you maximize safety.

All discs are manufactured from hardened steel of outstanding dimensional stability and machined to the tightest tolerance.

Precision surface grinding, with a thickness variation of only 2/100 mm, prevents vibration and significantly improves pad fitment.

All TRW brake discs designed for road use are delivered with TÜV certificate of conformity.

TRW BMW Ready special brake discs do not require any additional kit.

Fits the front brake of the following motorcycles:BMW R 850 R R21 03-04 BMW R 850 RT R22 01-06 BMW R 1100 S R2S 01-03 BMW R 1100 S R11S 04-05 BMW R 1150 R R21 00-03 BMW R 1150 R R11R 04-06 BMW R 1150 RS R22 01-04 BMW R 1150 RS R11RT 04-05 BMW R 1150 RT R22 01-03 BMW R 1150 RT R11RT 04-06 BMW K 1200 GT K12 01-05 BMW K 1200 GT K12S 06-07 BMW K 1200 LT K2LT 99-03 BMW K 1200 LT K12LT 04-07 BMW K 1200 RS K12 01-05 BMW K 1200 S K12S 05-07 BMW R 1200 HP2 Enduro RHP2 04-06 BMW R 850 R, ABS BMW259 95-02 Fits the rear brake of the following motorcycles: