SW-MOTECH GPS.08.646.10800/B GPS Support

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compatible models:

kawasaki klz 1000 abs versys 2015-2017.

kawasaki klz 1000 abs versys grand tourer 2016-2016.

kawasaki klz 1000 abs versys lt 2017-2015.

kawasaki klz 1000 abs versys tourer 2016-2016.

gps mount for cockpit.

in order to achieve optimal positioning, a powder-coated steel plate ensures the stable attachment of the gps mount on original attachment points in the cockpit.

clever positioning, vibration dampening and easily removable:

the motorbike-specific gps mount combines all of these features.

easy mounting on available attachment points in the cockpit.

gps mount made of black, powder-coated steel with quick-lock mechanism made of glass fiber reinforced plastic.

made to fit each motorbike model for optimal positioning.

removable, pivotable and shock-absorbent.

retaining plate with universal drill-hole pattern provides secure hold for the usual gps models and navi case pro device cases or hardcases from sw-motech.

included in delivery.

1 x gps mount for cockpit.

mounting instructions.

mounting material.