SHAD Top Master Rear Fitting Honda Honda@ NES 125/150

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reference h0a10t.

all shad top boxes include a fitting place which allows you to mount the box onto an existing carrier/rack.

this rack/fitting kit is only compatible with shads small top boxes.

sh26, sh29, sh32, sh33 and sh37 shad top box fitting kit the shad top master fitting allows mounting a top case onto the motorcycle.

it is a fitting specifically designed for each motorcycle model, taking into account its features.

the result is a high quality product, comfortable, safe, and easy to assemble and disassemble.

to mount the top case onto the motorbike it is necessary to add this kit to the plate included in the shad case.

this fitting kit is for the following models:

- honda nes 125 ( 00.

- 07).