NOLAN N60-6 Downshift Full Face Helmet

21 235 ₽
Цвет: Metal Black / White / Orange
Размер: L
  • Доставка из Германии
  • Продавец DESTE FZ LLC
  • Почта России 19 февраля
  • Стоимость доставки заказа в Россию от 1 038 ₽


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Metal Black / White / Orange




The new road full face helmet with a contemporary, sports-inspired design. Its technical characteristics make it suitable for any situation, both in the city and on the motorway. Top 5: - Ultrawide visor - Fully-adjustable VPS sunscreen - AirBooster Technology upper ventilation system - Clima Comfort inner padding, made from eco-friendly fabrics - Eyewear Adaptive Features: Ultrawide Visor: - The large surface of the S/R (Scratch Resistant) visor makes it possible to have a broader view, also lateral, thus assuring maximum riding comfort and increasing active safety. Pinlock® Fog-Resistant Inner Visor: - Available as an accessory and with Full Silicone Border (FSB). The exclusive patented adjusting system adopted by Nolangroup allows the stretch of the Pinlock® inner visor acting from the exterior of the visor, without the necessity of removing. Vps Sunscreen: - Moulded out of LEXAN™*, it is S/R (Scratch Resistant) and F/R (Fog Resistant) treated and offers UV protection up to 400 nanometres. It can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning and is fully-adjustable. Airbooster Technology: - The exclusive “AirBooster Technology” upper system ensures optimal ventilation where the rider’s head most requires: the air is extracted from the upper air intake and forced into the most critical areas, avoiding any dispersion, to guarantee maximum comfort also in extreme riding conditions. Clima Comfort Inner Padding With Ecofriendly Fabrics: - A new design made with eco-friendly fabrics based on the use of 100% regenerated fibres sourced from the post consumer recovery of nylon. Eyewear Adaptive: - This system has been designed to provide comfort for wearers of glasses. It allows space in the cheek pads for temples to quickly and easily be obtained. It is reversible, so the cheek pads can be returned to their original state. The cheek pads feature inner padding in expanded foam which can be removed from the fabric covering, making washing easier. Safety: - P/J Homologation - Dual Action - Removable - Protective Chin Guard - Retention System - Ners: Nolan Emergency Release System Visor: - With Pinlock® - Adjustable Pins - Pinlock® - Quick Release Shield System - Mva: Magnetic Visor Assembly - Double Action - Ultrawide Visor - Deep Visor - Light Blue - Additional Visor Vps: - Automatic - Retraction System - Adjustable Vps - Scratch Resistant - Treatement - Fog: Resistant Treatement - Additional Vps Ventilation & Aerodynamics: - Top Ventilation - Frontal Ventilation - Chin Ventilation - Air Exhausts - Airbooster Technology - Chin Guard With - Elliptical Rotation - Ras: Racetrack Aerodynamic Spoiler Comfort: - Removable - Carbon Fitting Comfort - Removable - Uniterm2: Comfort - Removable - Clima: Comfort - Removable - Air: Comfort - Removable Cheek Pads - Chin Strap Removable - Comfort Padding - Removable And Adjustable Neck - Roll - Neck Roll - Ea: Eyewear Adaptive - Lpc: Liner Positioning Control - Wind Protector - Breath Deflector N-Com: - Ess: Emergency Stop Signal Finishing: - Base Colour - Protective Hard Coating - Graphic - Painted Components Others: - Peak: Peak Extention - Camel Bag - Top Helmet Bag - Helmet Bag