LS2 OF521 Infinity Hyper Open Face Helmet

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Цвет: Matt Titanium / High Visibility Yellow
Размер: M
  • Доставка из Германии
  • Продавец DESTE FZ LLC
  • Почта России 19 февраля
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Matt Titanium / High Visibility Yellow


The LS2 Infinity offers that ultimate sense of freedom riders want, wrapped in a technically advanced, modern, open-face motorcycle helmet design. - Whatever your favorite style of riding, the Infinity offers all you need and more in a lightweight, open-face helmet. Features: - HPFC - 3 Shells - Long Oval LS2 visors are built with 3D Optically Correct ´´A Class´´ Polycarbonate, a space-age polymer with high resistance to impact, that avoids distortion and offers maximum clarity. - Twin Shield System - Quick Release System - Scratch Resistant - UV Resistant - Double Curvature Comfort to wear many miles: - Removable & Washable - Breathable - Hypoallergenic - Laser-Cut Foam - Magna-Tech Liner To ensure good protection the helmet must fit your head to perfection, special attention should be paid to the shell shape design and materials to minimize the effects of a possible impact. It is key to obtain a perfect fit to your head from outside to inside, as well as the shell, the configuración of the EPS liner, which should match closely the human head shape. - Micrometric Buckle - Reinforced Chin Strap - Reflective Safety Patch - Multi-Density EPS - Neck Roll Ventilation system: - Channeled EPS - Top Vent - Exhaust Port