CL BRAKES 4003VX Sintered Disc Brake Pads

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CL Brakes sintered pads are, in short, a synthesis of the best of metal and the best of organic pads, while eliminating the defects of each one of them.

Only sintered metal pads can respond to all needs of the most demanding rider:

high braking power, low heating, good reaction to low temperatures, use under water, mud and dust, without noise.


These are manufactured starting from powders of various metals.

Up to 10 noble metals enter play in the friction mixture, (such as bronze, iron, copper.

) in addition to other compounds such as graphite (derived from carbon), or even ceramic.

However, we always omit the use of Nickel (NoNiTech - No Nickel Technology) as it is a hazardous material for health.

Each of these components play an essential role in the friction of the pad with the disc, providing tact, avoiding noise and enhancing effectiveness.

All of these, being compressed Cast in a mold and subsequently melted at more than 900 ºC in its metallic copper support, they consolidate the tablet itself, it is the sintering and final welding process.

Finally, the tablet is rectified, controlled and packaged under careful processes and ISO quality standards.

CL Brakes sintered pads are manufactured in France (Gennevilliers), providing maximum quality and confidence to the rider, in addition, since they are a very specific product aimed at the most non-conformist public, they are developed and tested in competition by numerous DH and XC world class teams.

For Rally, XC, Enduro, AM use.

Can be used in all weather conditions.